Callistemons / Bottle Brushes 

These are Autralian Natives and are closely related to paperbark melaleucas,which also have 'bottlebrush' shaped flower spikes. Bottlebrushes make excellent garden plants. The bottle shape flowers can be spectacular and are irresistible to nectar-feeding birds and insects. Many species can tolerate damp conditions, and very hardy that they will tolerate drought and limited maintenance once they are established. They thrive in a wide variety of soils, except those which are highly alkaline. Remove the spent flowers to keep plants dense and blooming abundantly.

 Callistemon Hannah Ray

Hanah ray flowerHeight 3m-4m 
Width 2m
The large brushes are bright red
A tall shrub with grey woolly foliage and weeping habit
Pink new growth
Honeyeaters flock to the brushes
Grows and thrives in full sun

Hannah Ray 200mm pot

Callistemon Dawson River

cal dawson riverHeight 3-5m

Width 3m

Useful large shrub to small tree. It is an elegant weeping spreading tree with red bottlebrush flowers most prolific in spring and autumn. A great screening plant and suitable for small backyards. It produces bright scarlet bottlebrush flowers and soft grey/green slender leaves. Plant 2m apart for an informal hedge


Callitemon Viminalis

cal viminalisHeight 4-6m

Width 3m

A small tree with pendulous foliage. It is common for the species to flower in spring and autumn or bear small numbers of flowers all year. It produces prominent red flowers. It will grow in heavy waterlogged soils and in shady wet situations.


Callistemon Kings Park Special

call kings parkHeight 4-5m

Width 2m

An upright shrub with pendulous branches. It produses an excellent showy display of colourful deep red brushes in spring and during summer. A good choice for small landscapes where height and space is restricted. It is also popular as a street tree and screening plant. Responds well to pruning after flowering which also promotes flowering and keeps the plant dense. It is tolerant of coastal conditions.


Callistemon Wildfire

callistemon wildfireHeight 2-3m

Width 2m

A spectacular rounded shrub with narrow leaves and prolific large red flowers. Beautiful soft green weeping foliage with soft pale green new growth. Great for hedges and screeening.

wild fire 250mm


Callistemon Reeves Pink

cal reeves pink Height 2m

width 1.5-2m

This is a dense native shrub that exhibits bountiful clusters of attractive pink bottlebrushes from spring spring into summer with spot flowering throughout the year. A tough and vigorous grower it’s new leaf growth is an attractive soft pink.


Callistemon Pink Alma

Cal Pink AlmaHeight 2-2.5m

Width 1.5m

A medium size bushy shrub with green lanceolate leaves. Profusion of bright purplish pink bottlebrush flowers in Spring and in Autumn, which fade to lighter shades adding an interesting too tone look.
Excellent screening shrub. Prune after flowering.



Callistemon Candy Pink

Cal candy pinkHeight 3m

Width 2m

The large flower spikes are a lovely dark pink colour and are borne in flushes virtually all year round. The foliage is lighly weeping, and responds well to pruning giving a bushy habit. Another tough and adaptable callistemon.


Callistemon Pachyphyllus Viridis

Height 1-1.5m

Width 1m

A dense shrub which starts flowering in late winter and displays of lime green bottle brushes last for months. It will tolerate full sun to part shade and when established is drought resistant

Callistemon Hinchbrook

cal hinchinbrookHeight 1.5-2m

Width 1.5

This is a distinctive squat growing shrub with attractive broad leaves with bronze new growth. It produces clusters of red brushes with gold anthers appear in Spring & Summer.



Callistemon Captain Cook

cal captain cook

 Height 1.5m

Width 1.5m

A soft yet densely foliaged rounded bottlebrush with a weeping habit. It is a long flowering dwarf variety of bottlebrush which attracts nectar eating birds to the garden. It responds to pruning after flowering to promote strong new growth. Can be used as a hedge or screen, in shrubberies and tub Grows well in a sunny to partly shaded position in moist, well-drained soil. It will tolerate drought, moderate frost, and poor soils when established.

Callistemon Wilderness White

 calistemon wilderness white flowerHeight 2 -3m

Width 1.5- 2m

It has a dense, weeping habit. The flowers are a clear white in colour. The new leaf growth is light green, aging to dark green. Great as a flowering hedge. Tolerates coastal exposure. To maintain fresh appearance prune after flowering.


Callistemon Rose Opal

cal rose opal Height 1.5m

Width 1.5

Compact bushy soft leave plant

Produces rose colour flwoers in spring and autumn

The flowers are loved by honey eating birds and insects.

It is an excellent hardy and tolerant garden or tub specimen and can also be used for hedging. Prune back dead flowers to keep tidy if desired.

Callistemon Little John

cal little johnHeight 0.5 -1m

Width 0.5-1m

A small and compact bottlebrush with scarlet red flowers and attractive bluish-green leaves. Ideal in mixed shrub beds and borders and in large containers. Plants respond well to pruning so can be used as low informal hedges.