Clumping Bamboo Varieties

Bamboo has been given a bad rap over the years, mainly due to the monopodial or running bamboo which becomes a menace when planted in small backyards.

Clumping bamboos make great garden feature plants, screens and hedges, and they look spectacular planted in tropical or Asian style gardens. It is the fastest growing, most versatile woody plant in the world.
The following is a list of Clumping Bamboo that you can find growing at Woodys.clumping bamboo

Chinese Dwarf (Bambusa Guangxiensis)

Height 4mChinese Dwarf 200mm pot

Base width 1.5m and bush out to 3-4m in foliage density

Culm diameter 3cm

This is a great for hedging and can achieve a privacy hedge in less than 18 months. It has large green leaves which provides a more tropical feel instead of a normal hedge. Beacuse of its tufting habit with its foliage, it does not naturally show the culms. It is also a great option for pots or troughs. When planting into the ground allow 1.5m from fence line to allow for the natural clump size to grow.

Chinese dwarf as a ScreenChinese dwarf bsmboo 4wks


Gracilis (Bambusa Textiles Gracilis)

Height 6mGracilis Bamboo Clumping

Base clump width 1.5m

It's uniformly upright, compact, hardy, garceful and beautiful. Also know as 'Slender Weavers Bamboo'. One of the best bamboos for hedges and privacy screens. It has striking apperance with no leaves at the base but with striking foliage at the top. This is great for growing between 2 houses where you don't have ground space available but need more screening/privacy from the top. Plant in a space of 1m wide, at 1m intervals.

Bamboo Gracilis

Oldhamii (Bambusa oldhamii)- Edible

Height 10m -18m Olhami Bamboo

Base clump width 2-3m

Culm diameter 10cm

A great bamboo for larger blocks and acreage. Perfectly upright, lush and fast growing. Broad leaf with a clean appearance. Drought hardy once established. It has delicious sweet edible shoots. It is perfect for windbreaks and noise barriers as well. Plant at 2m intervals.



Timor Black (Bambusa lako)

Height 10m Timor Black Bamboo CLumping

Base clump width 2m

This has beautiful chocolate brown-black shiny culms, with some thin, green striping. The bottom 1/3 or 1/4 are usually free from foliage, giving this bamboo a very tidy and clean appearance.



Timor Black Bamboo Timor Black Clumping Bamboo

Malay Dwarf Varigated

Malay dwarf varigatedHeight 3-4m

Base clump width 1.5m

A great hedging dense clumping bamboo which has small white and green striped leaves. It is extremely fast growing, hardy bamboo, which has uniform bushy growth. The shoots can be eaten on this variety. 


Malay dwarf varigated