Colour Foliage

Why not try plants that provide colour, form and texture in their leaves, rather than flowers as a focal point in the garden. Strong use of colour can be bold and exciting, when rich reds and yellows are used in contrast to areas of green in the garden.

Acalypha wilkesiana MacrophyllaAcalyphas

Acalyphas are often considered an old fashioned plant, but are very much underated. They are tough and extremely drought-tolerant with sustained vibrant colour. They look great as an informal hedge, usfeul screening plant or used in mixed shrub border. Cut back once a year just before summer to keep them dense and bushy. Apart from grasshoppers which like to nibble on the leaves, acalyphas are troubled by few pests. Grasshoppers can easily be controlled with pyrethrum.

Acalypha wilkesiana Macrophylla

Acalypha Firestorm 140mm potAcalypha inferno 140mm potAcalypha wilkesiana Acalypha wilkesiana Macrophylla Acalypha firestorm

Coleus Plants

Coleus plants are durable and easy to grow.
They are best known for their bright colors, and variety of foliage forms. The intensity of light which the plant receives will also have a direct bearing on the intensity of the foliage coloring. Some varieties may produce their best color in light shade, while others look best in bright lighting.

Flower buds must be pinched off as soon as they develop to prevent the plant from producing seeds. and also  to prevent leggy growth. Any time that the tip growth is removed, the plant's energy will be diverted to the lateral side growth, creating a much bushier plant.
Coleus are very durable, so you can cut your plant back severely if needed. If you grow Coleus in containers, incorporate a timed-release fertilizer at planting time.

 Ceolius 200 colues coleus 2


GraptophyliumGraptophyllum pictum / Caricature plant

Height 2.5m
WIdth 1.5m
A mottled, variegated leaves brings a lush, colorful tropical look to your garden. It grows in partial sun and fertile, moist, well-drained soil. It is moderately drought tolerant but will quickly wilt during dry periods if it’s not well established or it’s planted in sandy soil. Pinch the branch tips back to promote fuller branching and a bushier plant. This is an alluring shrub for the mixed border, building foundations, hedgerows or patio containers.


Graptophyllum pictum1Graptophyllum pictum2

 Caricature Plant Graptophylium yellow