desert rose whiteDesert Roses (Adeniums)

These are hardy succulant plants, with swollen succulent stems. These are not difficult plants to grow well, provided they get enough sunlight, warmth and require minimal water requirements, making them a fantastic addition to any garden


Desert Roses 

Height 0.5-2m

They command interest from their dramatically swollen stems on older plants to the bright flowers, to the tight clusters of narrow, green leaves.

There are a number of flower colours including pinks, reds, whites and rarer yellows.

The most common colour desert rose is pink, but there are hundreds of different variations within this colour alone.

They are a good plant for the patio or planted straight in the garden.

They will not tolerate continuous wet feet as it can rot them, but sandy well drained soil is the best.

Woody has a number of different colours grafted on on plant. 

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