Tucks 200 800Tuckeroo (Cupaniopsis Anacardioides)

Another Australian native tree to QLD, NSW, NT which acts as a useful shade and screening tree and it forms a dense natural round shape for your back yard.



 Tuckeroo; Cupaniopsis Anacardioides

Height 6-10m

A medium native tree with a dense, evergreeen wide spreading crown.

It bears greenish yellow flowers in spring followed by yellow/orange fleshy berries contained in showy orange seed pods in summer. 

It is a good choice for a range of locations including coastal exposure, tropical heat and works well as a specimen tree, wind break and street tree

Its a tough hardy tree that can adapt to difficult sites 

It is also the food source for the Six Line Blue Butterfly

Tuckeroo 250mm pot six line blue butterflytuckeroo