Ixoras are native to the tropical and subtropical areas throughout the world, with many of them in tropical Asia. They have dark green leathery leaves and produce large clusters of tiny flowers in the summer and autumn. These hot colours are great for providing flower colour in tropical gardens. Ixoras are one of the most colourful flowering screen and hedge plants available, so why not give one of the following a go.

Ixora Prince of Orange grows to 2m and bears masses of long lasting orange heads of flower

Ixora Williamsonii grows to 2m and bears large heads of deep red flowers

Ixora Kampong White grows to 2m, a  bushy shrub with large white terminal flower clusters 
Ixora Sunkist A miniature plant to 0.5m, with masses of scarlet flowers in Summer
Ixora Twlight Glow A miniature shrub to 0.5m, with tangerine flowers