Mendiville 1401Mandevilla Sanderi 'Red Riding Hood' 

It is the beautiful flowering vine that will quickly transforming a bare surface into a visually appealing display of foliage and flowers. It is a great climber which can also be used for hanging baskets, trained into a small shrub shape or as a trailing plant over banks

Mandevilla Sanderi 'Red Riding Hood'

They produce large numbers of showy trumpet-shaped flowers throughout Spring and summer which makes them popular plants for the garden trellis or arch

Ensure well drained soil as these plants can be very sensitive to over watering

If soil is heavy and drainage is doubtful it’s safest to grow mandevillas in large pots

Also great in hanging baskets
Prune after flowering to shape

Mendiville display Mendiville 140mmMendiville 1401