evergreen white frangipaniThe Evergreen Frangipani

An icon tree of the Queensland tropics. Being tough relaible plants in the heat and drought conditions and also providing a beautiful sent to your garden. The Evergreen Frangipani (White) will generally loose its large glossy leaves for a short period in the winter months the further south you travel.


Evergreen Frangipani

Height 5-6m

Width 3-5m

 One of its great feature as a flowering tree is that the large fragrant flowers appear from December to April and even longer  

The frangipani will build up to producing its large, pure white flowers and broad, glossy leaves in adavnce of the flowering season, so how you look after it will have an impact on its flowering

They do not need a lot of water in the winter months, but they love a drink during the hot weather.
They have a non invasive roots system, they can be easily grown by pools to take advantage of that fragrant flower or in containers. 
They need full sunshine and ideally a fertile, free-draining soil.
Sandy or sandy-loam soils are ideal.
In the clay soil digging in gypsum and raising the mound will prevent the water from sitting around the root ball, casuing root rot.
Frangipani's rarely need feeding, although they will flower bigger and better if you spread some fertiliser (eg dynamic lifter) around the drip line during spring and summer
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